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Nicola has her eye on 2012 Olympic team

Nicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz were on the reserve list for the 2008 Olympics. Now Northallerton's Nicola has her sights set on a place in the Great Britain Olympic eventing team for 2012 following her senior debut in August. She rode Opposition Buzz to team gold alongside Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt and Oliver Townend in the European Championship at Fontainebleau. "2012 was a dream and that's what I'm striving to achieve," she admits. "Opposition Buzz will still be a good age at 15 for London, so I hope that he will be my number one horse." But Nicola believes she has a successor-in-waiting should anything untoward happen to Opposition Buzz before 2012.

"Master Banks was second at Bramham earlier this year," she has just told BBC Radio York. "He's a fantastic horse."

Tina Cook won the individual gold medal at Fontainebleau in August at the age of 39. And Mary King, a late withdrawal from the team, was in her late 40's.

So, at 33, Niccola knows she has many years ahead of her in the sport. "There is no age limit," she says. "We can carry on for many years. I do intend being here for many more years to come. It's very exciting, the next three years of training and preparation for 2012 are looking good for me."

Based at Morton-on-Swale, on a small hill above the floodplain, December is a quiet period for her before the eventing season restarts.

"The horses have a six-week break when they can let their hair down, and so does the rider, really," she says. "There are young horses that want working in preparation for their future and, hopefully, taking on Opposition Buzz's role. I have a fantastic team of owners behind me, who are very loyal and supportive."

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