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Aachen chief and top sponsor attack FEI bute decision. They will continue to operate pre-Copenhagen

The head of the World Equestrian Festival at Aachen and a major sponsor have just attacked the FEI's decision on allowed substances, and have threatened to run the event according to their own anti-doping policies. Frank Kemperman (pictured right), chairman of the managing board of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. says, "The FEI's decision is a contradiction to our ideal of the sport." As chairman of the FEI's Dressage Committee, he was in Copenhagen for the General Assembly and vehemently fought against the new regulations. During the meeting the FEI decided to permit several substances for the treatment of horses shortly before or during an event.

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Boyd Excells in Stuttgart

Boyd Exell from Australia is the new German Master in Stuttgart. The Great Britain based Australian four-in-hand driver was simply the best at the second competition of the 2009/2010 FEI World Cupô Driving season in the Schlelyer Halle. Dutch drivers Koos de Ronde and IJsbrand Chardon tried their best but were unable to prevent Exell from an impressive win. After two amazing victories in Hannover and Stuttgart, title defender Boyd seems untouchable. Dutch national champion of 2008 Koos de Ronde is momentarily the only driver who can get close to him. Both drivers are taking the current level of the FEI World Cupô Driving up and are opening the gap between them and their fellow competitors.

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FEI to get their teeth into the Rollkur row

The International Equestrian Federation's general assembly will debate Rollkur, following the so-called "blue tongue" row that broke out two weeks ago after a video of Swedish rider Patrik Kittel warming up his horse Watermill Scandic in Odense, Denmark, using hyperflexion - or rollkur - was posted by a Danish journalist on YouTube. The video showed not only the horse hanging his tongue out of the side of his mouth but also it appearing to turn blue. Immediately the FEI announced that it would investigate. An FEI spokesman has just confirmed that the topic has been put on the agenda of their meeting on 15 November in Copenhagen. Story from horseytalk.net

Congratulations to All the British Eventing Award Winners

Oliver Townend - Tony Collins Memorial Trophy, to the British rider gaining the highest number of points on any horse or horses. Tina Cook - Jane Holderness-Roddam Trophy, to the highest placed Senior Rider in the respective yearly championship. Sarah Pelham, Nicholas and Valda Embiricos - Calcutta Light Horse Trophy, given to the owner of the British horse gaining the highest number of points. Morris Pinto - Wide Awake Trophy, given to the breeder of the British bred, owned and ridden horse gaining the highest number of points. Emily Llewellyn - Edy Goldman Trophy, given to the British rider gaining the most points who is under 21 in the current year. Emily Gilruth - Martin Whiteley Trophy, given to the British rider gaining the most points on one horse who has never been entitled to wear any Union Jack Badge and who has not previously won this trophy. Ginny Turnbull - Jemima Johnson Memorial Trophy, given to a rider who has not been awarded the senior union flag and epitomizes the spirit of the sport.

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Beware of plaits.

If your horse suddenly appears with a strange plait in its mane it could mean he's being lined up to be stolen. Horsewatch groups throughout the country are warning that plaits are being used as marks or "tags" so that thieves can easily identify which horse or pony is to be stolen, often in the dark. Stories from Horseytalk.net

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